Ultrasling IV ER


For protocols involving immobilization in external rotation, the UltraSling ER IV was designed to provide a comfortable proper fit—every time. The three-point strapping system is easy to put on, while its unique design eliminates pressure on the neck, leading to increased patient comfort and compliance.

Common Example of Use

The UltraSling ER IV is ideal for preferred positioning following Capsular shifts, Post-operative Bankart procedures, Glenohumeral dislocations and subluxation, Post-operative care after release of severe anterior capsule contracture, and adhesive capsulitis release and manipulation.

Features + Benefits

  • More options & Comfort
    • 15° and 30° cushions for solid, stable support.
    • Cushions switch easily from right to left reducing inventory required.
    • Larger vents in thermoform helps promote proper airflow.
    • Soft liner wicks away moisture and helps increase ventilation.
  • More convenience
    • Color coded stress ball and label by size for quick identification and accurate dispensing.
    • Sized, universal sling design converts from right to left, reducing inventory required.
  • More compliance
    • 3-point strapping system evenly distributes weight and takes pressure off the neck.
    • Soft padded, customizable straps provide maximum comfort.

Product Specification


    Measurements taken from elbow crease to base of index finger


Size Measurement
S (X=2) Up to 11”
M (X=3) 11”-13”
L (X=4) Above 13”