OA Defiance III (Custom made)


It is designed for the active OA patient, is extremely lightweight, and provides durable support for moderate to severe levels of osteoarthritis.

Common Example of Use

Moderate to severe OA

Features + Benefits

  • 4-Points-of-Leverage™ System pioneered by DonJoy® provides ligament stability
  • 1° to 7° of correction built into a strong, lightweight, carbon composite frame (3° is recommended)
  • Patient controlled Telescoping Condyle Pad (up to 3° of additional correction) shifts compressive knee joint forces from the degenerative area to the healthy compartment
  • 24-hour turnaround time
  • Over 40 custom frame colors and graphics
  • Swooping thigh cuff for inner thigh clearance and bilateral brace use
  • Swivelling strap tabs to accommodate leg movement
  • Reinforced carbon composite frame ACL, PCL, or Combined Instability (CI) strap configuration

Product Specification


    Available for medial or lateral compartment (Left/ Right)
Size Thigh Knee Center Calf
XS (X=1) 33-39 cm 30.5-33 cm 25.5-30.5 cm
S (X=2) 39-47 cm 33-35.5 cm 30.5-35.5 cm
M (X=3) 47-53.25 cm 35.5-38 cm 35.5-40.5 cm
L (X=4) 53.25-59.5 cm 38-43 cm 40.5-47 cm
XL (X=5) 59.5-67.25 cm 43-48.25 cm 47-50.75 cm
XXL (X=6) 67.25-75 cm 48.24-53.25 cm 50.75-56 cm
XXXL (X=7) 75-81.25 cm 56-61 cm 53.25-58.5 cm