Venaflow Elite System


Designed as a prophylaxis for Deep Vein Thrombosis, the VenaFlow Elite System combines two proven technologies, rapid inflation and graduated sequential compression that work to mimic ambulation and accelerate venous velocity. For the superior emptying of veins, VenaFlow Elite also incorporates asymmetric compression. The breathable and comfortable calf, foot and thigh cuffs enhance the patient experience and are compatible with one universal pump.

Common Example of Use

For the prevention of thrombus formation

Features + Benefits

  • Low profile, light-weight design for easy storage and transportation
  • Compliance alarm available for patient monitoring
  • Telescoping bed hanger extends up to 3.5 inches and accommodates most beds
  • Battery installed units are available upon request
  • Automatic cuff detection identifies and adjusts pressure based on cuff configuration attached
  • Pre-set pressures and alarms eliminate the need for adjustments
  • Universal pump for calf, thigh and foot cuffs provide ease of use and less inventory
  • Soft and breathable cuffs assist in increasing patient comfort and compliance

Product Specification



    Available accessories include:


  • Disposable calf cuff
  • Disposable calf cuff (XL)
  • Disposable thigh cuff
  • Disposable foot cuff
  • Venaflow Tube Assembly
  • Venaflow Elite Tube Assembly