Veinyx & Veinmax Compression Stocking


Medical grade compression stocking to improve circulation from the legs back to the body. The compression therapy provides controlled graduated external pressure to the limb. The pressure is highest at the ankle and decreases as it towards the top of the hosiery.

Common Example of Use

  • Tired and aching legs
  • Oedema
  • Relieves the symptoms of varicose veins
  • Enhance blood circulation

Features + Benefits

  • Helps in reducing the diameter of the superficial and to re-establish the functionality of the valves
  • Prevents pigmentation and ulcer
  • Improves lymphatic micro-circulation and reduce oedema


    Veinyx: Available in black & beige colour
    Veinmax: Available in black colour only


Small Medium Large X-Large
Ankle Cir 17.75-20 cm 20-24 cm 24-28 cm 28-31.75 cm
Calf Cir 26.5-36.75 cm 29-39 cm 31.75-43 cm 34.25-45.75 cm
Thigh Cir 40.5-55.75 cm 44.5-61 cm 49.5-66 cm 55.75-71 cm
Calf Length To 40.5 cm To 43 cm To 45.75 cm To 48.25 cm
Thigh Length To 73.5 cm To 76.25 cm To 78.75 cm To 81.25 cm
Hip Cir Up to 102 cm Up to 103 cm Up to 122 cm Up to 132 cm