Oestrogel 0.06%


Oestrogel is a transdermal estradiol gel that is a topical clear application. The active ingredient, estradiol, is similar to the estrogen your body produces naturally.

Common Example of Use

  • Hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) for estrogen deficiency symptoms in postmenauposal or ovariectomised women: vasomotor disorders (moderate to severe vasomotor symptoms with menopause: hot flushes, nocturnal sweating)
  • Genito-urinary trophic disorders (vulvo-vaginal atrophy, dyspareunia, urinary incontinence) and psychological disorders (sleep disorders, asthenia,..) or moderate to severe symptoms of vulvar and vaginal atrophy with menopause. Topical products should be considered when using solely for this indication
  • Prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women at high risk of fractures who are intolerant of, or contraindicated for, other medicinal products approved for the prevention of osteoporosis

Features + Benefits

  • The chemical structure is identical to the most active form of ovarian hormone: 17-B-Estradiol
  • Physiological estradiol is from a plant source
  • Gel in tube contains transparent, colourless and fragrance free gel
  • This is a percutaneous gel which avoids first-pass metabolism by the liver
  • A preferential route for patients who cannot take oral medications (contraindications, gastrointestinal toxicities, adverse effects,…)
  • Presentation: Tube containing 80g of Oestrogel
  • Content: 17-B-Estradiol, 60mg
  • FDA Approved

Product Properties

  • Oestrogel is derived from natural source (wild yam), with chemical structure identical to estradiol of ovarian origin
  • Oestrogel consists of 0.06% estradiol (delivering 0.035 mg/d) in an absorptive, Enhanced Hydroalcoholic Gel base (EHG™ Technology)


  • The lowest effective dose should be used for maintenance therapy for the shortest duration (i.e. 5years) avoiding arbitrary limitation in the dosage point risk annually
  • In women with an intact uterus, a progestogen should be co-administered to prevent endometrial hyperplasia
  • Oestrogel 0.06% is available in a tube pack with ruler to tailor daily dose


Dosage Administration
Half ruler = 1.25g of gel
  • Apply once daily to one arm from wrist to shoulder
  • It is not necessary to massage or rub Oestrogel
  • Do not apply to the breasts
  • Dries within 2-5 mins
  • To avoid spread of medication to others, wash hands with soap and water after application
One ruler = 2.5g of gel