Whether your passion is contact sports or salt- or fresh-water sports activities the Legend can take whatever you give. Excellent for those with moderate to severe ligament instabilities.

Common Example of Use

ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL instabilities

Features + Benefits

  • 4-Points-of-Leverage System
  • Malleable thigh and calf cuffs for an improved fit
  • Low profile (0.080 – 0.125” thick), lightweight aircraft grade aluminum frame with durable, non-chip Kraton coating
  • Slide shield on lateral hinge inhibits dirt and other particulates
  • Air Condyle Pads
  • Extra set of suede frame liners included
  • Flexion and extension control


Size Thigh/th> Knee Center Calf
XS (X=1) 33-39 cm 30.5-33 cm 25.5-30.5 cm
S (X=2) 39-47 cm 33-35.5 cm 30.5-35.5 cm
M (X=3) 47-53.25 cm 35.5-38 cm 35.5-40.5 cm
L (X=4) 53.25-59.5 cm 38-43 cm 40.5-47 cm
XL (X=5) 59.5-67.25 cm 43-48.25 cm 47-50.75 cm
XXL (X=6) 67.25-75 cm 48.24-53.25 cm 50.75-56 cm
XXXL (X=7) 75-81.25 cm 56-61 cm 53.25-58.5 cm