AirSport+ is a dynamic new ankle brace with superior compression for all stages of ankle sprain recovery. This novel design, intended to help injured ankles regain their full potential by providing support, compression, oedema reduction and stability in a comfortable, easy to apply brace.

Common Example of Use

  • Mild to moderate ankle sprains
  • Ankle ligament distortions or tears
  • Chronic ankle instabilities
  • Return to sports activities
  • Conservative or preventative/prophylactic use

Features + Benefits

  • Aircast clinically-proven aircells provide compression and support
  • Posterior high ankle strap provides additional stability to the upper ankle
  • Semi-rigid encased shells minimizes the risk of ankle rollover (inversion/eversion)
  • Anterior cross strap and forefoot wrap provide additional compression and stability to the joint
  • Innovative ATOP/MOZ lacing system provides adjustable uniform compression without creating pressure points
  • Easy fit, step-in design makes applying the brace easy
  • Breathable material for coolness & comfort during daily or sports activities

Product Specification



    Measurement based on US shoe sizing
    Left and Right sold separately
Size Men Women
S 5.5 – 7 5.5 – 8.5
M 7 – 11 9 – 12.5
L 11.5 + 13 +