The Donjoy Porostrap Back Support mimics abdmonial muscles’ internal core support to offer a stabilizing force to your lumbar region. The new design features ease of adjustment with straps that offer you optimal comfort. The ergonomic front panels are comfortable for both standing and sitting, making them comfortable for you to wear as you go about your day.

Common Example of Use

  • Acute or subacute lower back pain
  • Chronic lower back pain
  • The Donjoy Porostrap Back Support is ideally worn for sedentary to moderately active tasks, returning to activity, and lightweight tasks

Features + Benefits

  • High quality, low-profile lightweight back support.
  • It fits discretely under clothing, and the breathable mesh textile offers optimal comfort.
  • 4 flexible dorsal stays for stabilisation of the mid/lower back, with 2 elastic straps to adjust compression levels.
  • The ergonomic front closure for comfort in the sitting or standing position which is important for the overall comfort
  • 2 abdominal stays for increased support
  • Hand and finger loops for ease of application and adjustment
  • The compression helps to relax muscles and alleviate pain
  • Promotes postural correction in 2 ways:
    • Helps avoid wrong movements, which avoids further damage
    • Promotes safe lifting procedures and encourage proper body mechanics

Product Specification


    Measurements taken from waist circumference
Size Waist Circumference
S 26”-32” (56-68 cm)
M 32”-38” (67-84 cm)
L 38”-45” (98-116 cm)
XL 45”-53” (116-136 cm)