The Donjoy Immostrap Back Support offers optimal comfort. The new design features ease of adjustment with straps that offer optimum comfort. The ergonomic front panels are comfortable for both standing and sitting.

Common Example of Use

  • Acute or subacute lower back pain
  • Lumbar arthrosis
  • Following disc herniation
  • For lumbar sciatica
  • The back support is suitable for those who lead an active lifestyle and can be used during heavy duty tasks and leisure activities

Features + Benefits

  • Flexible dorsal stays support the spinal muscles and prevent over-straining
  • Four strong elasticated straps apply even compression to the core to relieve pain and promote recovery
  • Abdominal supports improve posture and relieve tension through the whole core
  • Strong compressive elastic material To enhance posture control
  • Independent superior and inferior compression adjustment for optimal anatomical fit

Product Specification


    Measurements taken from waist circumference
Size Waist Circumference
S 26”-32” (56-68 cm)
M 32”-38” (67-84 cm)
L 38”-45” (98-116 cm)
XL 45”-53” (116-136 cm)