Messages from Founders

Hearty Greetings,

and welcome to the Wellchem website.

We hope you will have an interesting, and fruitful visit. Do browse through our wide range of medical devices and pharmaceutical products, which have benefitted countless patients throughout the many years of their availability in the Malaysian market. All the products are sourced from reputable and reliable suppliers with excellent quality management track records.


It has always been our commitment to constantly keep abreast of the latest developments and innovations in the medical industry and keeping close to our hearts our vision of delivering healthcare excellence to enrich the lives of the community we serve. Through careful selection by our experienced and knowledgeable management team, products of high quality and efficacy are regularly introduced to meet the needs of the medical professionals and patients. A very important objective is that patients must benefit from the treatment received whilst using products from our suppliers. Our dedicated team is focused in delivering values and prompt and efficient service exceeding customers’ expectations, and rising at all times to overcome challenges.


Please feel welcomed to send us your enquiries, and we shall strive to provide the best attention and service you deserve.


Our warmest regards to you, and have a pleasant day.


On behalf of the Board of Directors of WELLCHEM – MALAYSIA.





本公司提供專有醫药産品, 産品皆來自有信誉可信赖公司及廠家, 伴以员工都为訓練有素者, 我们以快速真诚服務当座佑銘.


本公司不断引進新科技産品, 以提供卓越先進及新理念産品, 给医药业者及病人, 以增廣人们的美好生活.