Bort Omobasic acc. to Gilchrist


Immobilization is a basic principle for treatment of injuries and over-strains, as recovery process will be considerably accelerated and consequential damages prevented. Shoulder arm supports are relieving affected tissue structures (joints, ligaments, capsules, cartilages).

Common Example of Use

Pre-operative, post-operative, post-traumatic, for example in the case of sprains, contusions, dislocations, sub-capital humerus fractures, scapular fracture, fractures of the humerus ball and shaft, rotator cuff injury, Hemiplegia (e.g. condition after apoplexy)

Features + Benefits

  • Shoulder joint and elbow can be rested in adduction position to the body in a very comfortable and safe way
  • Easy wound inspection without problems
    Flexible adjustment for hand and upper arm.


    Measurements taken from Olecranon to 5th metacarpal head


Size Measurement
S 25-28 cm
M 28-31 cm
L 31-34 cm
XL 34-38 cm