Leftose 30mg Tablet


Leftose is a well established anti-inflammatory, expectorant that has been highly successful and widely available in Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.

Common Example of Use

  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Sore throat
  • Difficulty in expectoration or sputum associated with respiratory diseases
  • Bleeding during or after minor surgery including dental operation

Features + Benefits

  • Anti-inflammatory action
  • Decomposition and excretion of mucopurulent discharges
  • Enhances the infection-preventing activity in the body
  • Inhibition of bleeding tendency
  • Increase in saliva corpuscle
  • Enhances the effect of antibiotics and destroys / weakness bacterial cell wall
  • Patients who have shown hypersensitivity to egg white or patients whose family have a history of allergic reactions to egg white are not encouraged to take Leftose

Product Properties

  • Lysozyme is an enzyme having a mucopolysaccharide-lysing action
  • Lysozome Hydrochloride occurs as a white, crystalline powder
  • It has no odour, water soluble and has a sweet taste


  • Each tablet contains Lysozyme Hydrochloride 30mg
  • Usual daily doses for adults are 30 – 60mg three times a day